- Vancouver Washington Portrait Photographer

Why Choose Us?  When you choose Sarah Gale Photography, you'll be getting something different. Our purpose is to provide enjoyable portrait sessions and professional results at a reasonable price.

What You Get  The prices below include a flash drive containing the high-resolution images from your session, retouching and enhancing of all photographs, and a web-optimized version of each image for easy online sharing.

Why We Include the High-Resolution Files If you've been shopping around for a photographer, you already know that it can cost hundreds, even thousands, for a portrait session because you are usually required to order expensive prints in addition to the session fee. We understand that these prices are hard to swallow, so we're doing things differently. Now days it's easy for anyone to order quality prints from sites like MPix or Shutterfly, so we don't require that you order prints from us. With the flash drive that is included with your session fee, you can make prints anywhere that fits your budget. We can also make prints for you, but that's up to you. (To find out how to make your own prints, visit the FAQ page.)

Copyright & Usage Info We retain the copyright of the images, although we will provide you with a partial copyright release for making prints. We ask that you do not crop or edit the images on the flash drive. When posting your images online (such as on Facebook or Twitter), we ask that you use only the watermarked, web-optimized images that are included on your flash drive. This is a great way to spread the word about us!

Our "Studio"  Because we love the outdoors and think it makes the best possible studio, all our photography sessions are outdoors. If you live on a scenic property or have the perfect location in mind, let us know and we'll try to work with you! (Please keep in mind that there is a travel fee for locations outside of the Vancouver/Portland area.) If you have an idea for a pose or have something special you want in the picture (such as your pet or musical instrument), we would love to hear your suggestions. We want to work with you and get the results you want.


Senior Portraits

$180 (30 minute session, creating 15-20 images, flash drive included)
$300 (1 hour session, creating 30-40 images, flash drive included)



Engagement/Couples Portraits

$180 (30 minute session, creating 15-20 images, flash drive included)
$300 (1 hour session, creating 30-40 images, flash drive included)



Family Portraits

$180 (30 minute session, creating 10-15 images, flash drive included)
$300 (1 hour session, creating 20-30 images, flash drive included)




I am not accepting wedding photography jobs at this time.

Please remember that your payment is due at the end of a session.

NOTICE: We reserve the right to use the photographs from your session for advertising purposes.